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Traffic & Visibility Strategies

Attract More Traffic and Visibility

Will Your Ideal Customers Find You When They Search Online?

Are your customers and potential customers finding you online (or are they finding your competitors.) 97% of people looking to do business start their buying process with an online search. Discover cutting edge ways to help your ideal customer find you.

Get the Keywords Right

Optimizing your web content for the search engines begins with being smart about keywords. We find keywords that align with your client personas and are competitive. 

Make Your Website 'Findable'

SEO, or Search Engine Optimization is a set of actions that must be continually updated. Strategically adding your keywords to website and blog content is key to being found online, but it doesn't end there.

Be Visible on Social Media

We'll help you choose and establish your unique voice on the best social media platforms to reach your target market. 

Tell Your Story in the Media

Generate leads by reaching your customers with compelling stories about your company and your contribution to the world. Recognition by third-party media helps build credibility and awareness. Work with our PR and media relations experts.

Paid Search Traffic

Our Google Certified experts will target just the right audience and drive the right traffic to your website.

"The Marketing Monsoon team produced a highly successful Google AdWords Click to Call campaign to promote our emergency services. Calls increased each month on average by
17%, and clicks for directions increased by 14% each month."

David Caddell, Ann Arbor Animal Hospital