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Live Webinar: How an Inbound Marketing Strategy Turns Your Website into a Lead Generation Engine 

Is Your Website a Passive Expense or Business Creator?

Would you rather have your business website as a passive expense or a business creator that brings a predictable return on your investment? Learn how to apply inbound marketing methods to turn any website into a lead generation and sales engine to: 

1. Attract the right people
2. Capture qualified leads 
3. Follow up automatically and help you make the sale.

You will discover what’s working now in the world of sales and marketing, assess your current website for lead generation readiness, identify your own customized inbound marketing strategy and develop an action plan for implementing your strategy and achieve your business goals.

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Webinar Host:

Jayne Burch

CEO, Marketing Monsoon, LLC

Your webinar presenter is Jayne Burch, CEO and Chief Growth Strategist at Marketing Monsoon, LLC. Jayne is an online lead generation and marketing automation expert.

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